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Wholesale CD / DVD / Cassette Box- FlipDeal

Price: 49
Wholesale CD / DVD / Cassette Box- FlipDeal

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Location: Adelaide, Australia
Steet Address: 67/2 burnley st., henley beach south, Adelaide 5022, Australia
Posted on: 04 Sep 2015


Large aluminum case for carry or store Max. 500 CD or DVDs. Keep your discs safe and secure inside. Has two key locks for security and comes with a set of 2 keys.
The Heavy Duty CD Case is made of aluminium with black velvet lining giving it a sturdy structure, light in weight and a chic look all at one time. The case comes with 500 inserts and each can hold 2 disks giving it a maximum capacity of 1000 disks. The inserts has index labels to ensure easy selection and reference.
• Store DVD CD Blu-Ray Discs or Software
• Save your lot of Space

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