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Location: Hobart, Australia
Posted on:


Looking forward for a challenging career with a growth - oriented organization where expertise, skills and knowledge may be significantly contributed towards the growth and prosperity of organization & persons.
Key Skills & Experience
???? Sales & Marketing
???? Retail Sales
Educational Qualification
Matriculation (Technical)
Intermediate (Technical)
computer Skills
Internet Browsing, Searching & Email
Hardware Knowledge
MS Office
Graphics {Adobe and Coral Drew}
Linguistic Skills
???? English????????????? :????????????????? Reading, writing & speak
???? Urdu????????????????? :????????????????? Reading writing & speak
???? Balochi????????????? :????????????????? Speaking
???? Persian????????????? :????????????????? Speaking
???? Punjabi???????????? :?????????????????? Speaking
???? Sindhi??????????????? :?????????????????? Speaking
Personal Information
???? Date of Birth:??????????????????????? Jun 05, 1989
???? Marital Status:????????????????????? Single

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