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INFRA MOBILE ERP App for construction & Infrastructure -Call Us

INFRA MOBILE ERP App for construction & Infrastructure -Call Us

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Location: Sydney, Australia
Steet Address: A Level 26, 44 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Posted on: 12 Nov 2015


Leadwinner is an expert in Smart city solutions, Business and technology strategies, Consulting, Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce Development, Email Marketing, Web Designing and CMS and has the expertise to offer all these services under one roof.

Infra Mobile ERP is a cloud-based solution that has been tailor made for the infrastructure development industry. It makes convenient for on-site staff especially at remote locations to communicate and transfer data to address business needs. Infra Mobile ERP brings transparency, accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, forecasting, a sense of measure on business, people’s capabilities and operational quality checks with evidence.

Benefits Of Infra Mobile ERP

• Swift decision making leveraging mobile technology to complete projects in stipulated time

• Accurate and precise availability of real-time information streamlining communication

• Economical feasible cloud solution to lean and strengthen organization operational processes

• Highly scalable product with profound customization and business intelligence tools according to organizational culture

• Forecast the budget by reducing costs and increasing productivity

• Highly secured private network to safeguard data

• Build stakeholder relationship across organization

• Proliferate resource capabilities by managing productivity, manpower, materials and assets


Lead Winner Corp

P +61452491959 (Akil)

A Level 26, 44 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

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